What is advertising photography?

It’s about using creative and interesting photos that will draw people attention to promoting a product, brand or idea. Advertising photographers have a much creative freedom to interpret how products, services, lifestyles, and ideas can be presented in a photograph. Also, they are often experts at marketing, layout, business management, and sales trends.

Statement of intent 

For this assignment, we have to pick two different products to photograph on location (ambient light), in the studio with continuous and flashlight. We need to use reflectors, light meters, and other equipment. I thought about different interesting things I could photograph like with kinder Bueno, a phone, walkers crisps, Tetley Tea, Coffee or a perfume bottle.

I explored more in detail each object and decided I had to drop the perfume bottle, coffee, my phone or the crisps, but I still took some shots just to experiment and see how they would look like.

I decided to photograph the chocolate kinder Bueno and the Green Tea Tetley




Artist research . . .

 Diana Miller …

Ray Massey


During the workshops, we’ve been given tips on how to shoot a different type of products in different ways and with different lightings setups.

Hard light = Spotlight

Soft light = Soft Dish Reflector

Diffused light or flat = Large softbox

To show the structure of a product without making it look flat we need to use light & shadow.

Hard light creates texture and the if the light source is more distant the harder the shadow definition

Equipment used: Light Meter, BX Kit, Tripod, Reflectors, Product table, Sky Port, Soft boxes, Dish, Honey Combe, Umbrella, Snoot.

Contact Sheet 

I tried shooting again on location and also in studio, different products with ambient light,continuous and flashlight.




Part || ( Yeezy boost)

For part 2 of this assignment, I wanted to shoot the trainers Yeezy Boost or Nicki Minaj perfume bottle but I chose to shoot but reading the brief again I needed another product that would advertise a brand so I decided to go for adidias.





cosa voglio fare con adidas e cosa voglio fotigrafare e come


Contact sheet