Interview with a practitioner


Photographers I could interview

J. A. P – photographer

Dom More

EA photography

Decided to interview Jide a video editor/photographer based in London

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 01.04.29.png

  1. How and why did you start having an interest in photography?

During my media studies in University, we touched on photography in the past, but did not do much and I hade a vague idea of photographic basics. After University working in the media department showed me different sides of photography. For curiosity I decided to buy my self a big givers camera and played around with it for a while, I really liked it and since then I’ve had a serious interest for photography.

2. What series of events lead you to this point?

The first photography job I had, aside my work was a fashion commercial, a friend knew I started my little photography business and recommended me to another person who needed the job done asap. Hadn’t done work like this before, I was very nervous but with the help of some of my work colleagues I was able to do it and little by little I started getting more contacts to work for.

3. What is your main source of influence within your work?

Surely being in the media industry, photography is one of the main subjects, working with photographers, directors and many other stuff, I mean, I have been influenced by all of them.

4. Have you got any photographer that inspires you or whom you admire?

Not really, I take my inspiration from everywhere, really, most of the times from little scenes in videos.

5. What is your personal project are you working on at the moment?

At the moment I am renaming my whole media photography company, changing the name and other details like updating my web page to be more visible to people.

6. Are you proud of what you have done so far in your career and why?                      Yes, I am proud so far of my career within the film editing , but as for my photography career is still a work in progress, as is been only few years I’ve been doing this .


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