This module was divided into two section. The first part was about ‘Experience’ where we had to work both within and outside our programme area whereas in the second part we had to explore digital Magazine Design, moving image and motion.

We first started with creating a Cinemagraph, I did struggle a bit to create one because it’s so easy to make it wrong, starting from the filming part and also because I have never done it before but I’m sure that by persisting and trying more times I will understand it much more and it could look much better next time. However, I’m really happy we did this because I can use it in my future work to make it look much creative.

During our Wednesday lessons, we were also assigned little tasks like going around town and photographing colours that could make the rainbow and other objects that could look like letters and come up with the whole alphabet. We were usually into groups of 4 or less and I think these little tasks were challenges that helped me to have a quick eye in locating little and simple things quickly. It might have seemed a very easy task to achieve, but until you don’t think outside the box it can be slightly difficult, therefore I think they have been little useful tasks to do.

We then started doing the experiences, I really liked and had fun for the first experience, which was within my programme area, commercial photography, where we created two contrasting live photographic shoots, offering other students to have their portrait taken in 2 styles ‘Film Noir’ or ‘High End Fashion’. It really went well, I think not only for us but also the other students that came to have their picture taken had fun. I then went on to my next experience which was Contemporary Media Practise (Prisim), which wasn’t too bad, it was good as it involved some filming and editing and that’s what I was looking forward to do also the teacher explained everything well and was always ready to help and I did improve using Premier Pro, which is good because I had use it later on in my own course. The last experience was Growth, which wasn’t too bad too unlike the previous experience it did not include any filming and that was a bit strange, because  comparing the two experiences I would have expected this experience to have some filming included rather than the other one but it was the other way round, but it was still good because we used Premier Pro, which helped me once again to learn about the software even more.

Overall, I think the intent behind this whole experience project, was to help us learn new skills from other disciplines which we find interest in but don’t have the chance to study and I think it was a great idea of the college, because for example I used to do Media, loved filming and editing but decided to pursue photography, this was a good chance to go back into filming, to remember some skills I’ve learned in the past and improve them as later on in the year I had to use these skills. It was also a good way to experiment with something you’ve heard of but have no idea of what it is about, for example I would have loved to try the ceramic experience although I was not selected for that it could have been a great experience, even just to try to learn how it worked, as I was really curious to know. Also I chose the Prisim experience because I have never heard of that before and that made me curios but I now know what it is about. So I think this was a good idea the college had, however, I think it has to be elaborated much more and programmed well, although the intent was great it did not workout very well in terms of organisation and timing.

For the second section of this module we had to create a magazine layout, a video and a magazine layout with the video incorporated. I really did enjoy creating a video and magazine, I just struggled with understanding the brief as I wasn’t too sure of what the video had to be about, so I just based it on my Environmental Portrait which I took in the first term for the Editorial assignment. I think the video came up well, although I had to change the whole storyboard when I was editing, because I used my iPad to record the voice over and I thought it was loud enough but when I got to the editing bit, I noticed that by adding the music, you could not hear my subjects voice at all. I tried lowering the musics volume and increasing his voice but it still did not work so I had to take his voice out completely, which was a bit sad as we spent a whole day recording the voice. After taking his voice off, the whole video was not making sense anymore so I had to show and  ask my classmate what I could have added or removed to make it more significant and she suggested to change the song, to choose a song which had lyrics as I was initially using an instrumental track and then to add words or subtitles instead of him talking. I did so, and it turned up much better but I couldn’t include everything that he was saying as it would have gone over 3 minutes because the video had to be not less tha 1 minute and 30 seconds and not more than 3 minutes. So I just added short phrases he stated, which were relevent to the certain part of the video. This video is a little presentation of the guy I photographed for my environmental portrait. In this short video I tried to say something about his work, education and passion. I showed my final piece to my classmate and she liked it, so I know it is not great but I hope it is successful and makes sense. Although, I think with him talking over it would have looked so much better and the video would have said much more than it says now without the voiceover.        Overall, this project has been long but a very good way to expand our skills, and know much more than photography.



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