1. Create a 30 seconds short video, make sure it is on a tripod and the camera is not shaking. else it will affect the editing after.
  2. On Photoshop go to Window > Workspace > motion
  3. Open the video and play it
  4. Choose a which part of the film to use
  5. To cut out what you don’t want to use and make it smaller grab the edge of the timeline
  6. Make sure you select a part where your subject is very still
  7. Move the file to the top
  8. Delete the Group video
  9. Select (CMND A + CMND J) duplicate
  10. Move the image so it is the same length as the video
  11. Copy the layer of the still image
  12. Create a layer mask on top of the layer
  13. Erase (E) the moving area and remember to work only on the top layer
  14. Adjust it with the Brush (B)
  15. Change exposure/contrast/saturation
  16. And export it as a gif

I created 3 different cinamegraph but these two look much better. I did struggle to make them because I think as soon as you get the filming wrong the whole cinemagraph won’t work and probably the fact that I have never done it before, made it even more difficult. I’m sure that by persisting and trying more times I will understand it much more. The editing part wasn’t too hard as I knew the tools well, but finding the right area to use and be really precise when editing it and making the loop look fluent is where I failed. I should have tried again as I think it would have looked better because I now know what I was doing wrong. I will definitely try this again in my own time as I think it is something I can use in my work to make it look more creative.


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