This module has really helped me to analyse in-depth photos and have a deep understanding of Fashion photography, advertising in general, portraiture, reading images and cultures. All the individual tasks we have been given have helped me to know new things and improve my researching skills. The group tasks we’ve been given have also improved my team working skills, communication and organization because during these tasks I had to work with my classmates, organise ourselves well and also meet in times we did not have lessons to achieve a good results. For example for the subculture assignment my group and I worked well, we decided assigned roles and organised everything as soon as we were given the assignment. In fact, we were able to finish everything on time, without any rush. We all helped each other and assigned roles that everyone wanted to be in. This task also helped me with InDesign as I used it years ago, it was a good way to remember how to use it.  The second group task we had been a debate on whether Fashion photography is art or not. My group and I were standing for fashion not being art, but just sophisticated eye candy designed simply to seduce. I think for this, task we did not plan things well, in fact we got to the debate day not really sure about what to present. This showed me how even a debate where you have a free will of speaking needs to be organised and prepare too and how the attendance of every individual in the group is important.

I really enjoyed working on the ‘Shock and Subculture Style’ as it did not only improved my knowledge but also helped me gain more inspiration which I could use in my own work.

Overall this assignment has helped me study in deep the context of images, clarify statements and ideas


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