Interdisciplinary studies


In this module we had to work both within and outside our programme area. For the first term I worked in the commercial photography sector which was good for me as it’s what I’m studying at the moment but for the second term I had to choose two other subjects to do and I chose Growth/Film and Prism.


In the first term with my photography class we created two contrasting live photographic shoots, offering other students to have their portrait taken in 2 styles ‘Film Noir’ or ‘High End Fashion’.

Film Noir: is a cinematic term used to describe stylish Hollywood crime dramas, which was represented a11397_tretij-chelovek_or_the-third-man_1520s dark, seductive and in black and white. It developed during and after World War II because of the post-war atmosphere of anxiety and suspicion. Movies like ‘Lift To The Scaffold’ and ‘The Third Man’ are well-known film noir films. To create the same film noir feel in our photos we had to consider some factors and what we can use to gain such effects. These picture had to be moody dark and dramatic. We had to think about cinematic scene which we then recreated with still photos. We used black and white effects, props, low-key lighting and continuous lighting to create the atmosphere we also created a lot of contrast and shadows.


My group and I worked well and enjoyed creating these photographic scenarios, I like how we recreated window blinds with tape and played a lot with the lighting and shadows. We initially used one key light and then we used two controlled speedlight flash.


Pop Art Fashion Photography:  pop art itself emerged in the 50s, and with time it has been used a lot in the fashion industry. It is a self-reflexive expressionist movement and it introduces aspects of mass culture. Pop art employed familiar mass culture imagery from advertisements to other banal objects, wrapping it into bold colour combinations. Richard Hamilton, defines it as “popular, transient, expandable, low-cost, mass-produced, young, witty, sexy, gimmicky, glamorous, big business”. Pop artist introduced a bright palette of colors and print definition form, which were used as the inspiration by many designers at that time and now.

I really had fun in creating a pop art fashion shoot and I’ve learnt that lighting up coloured background is much complicated that lighting a plain white or black background and also you have to make sure your subject is either in contrast with the background or to complement it. The use of colourful furry unusual props makes the pictures look even better.

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The day we offered other students to have their portraits taken we had two groups, one was running the film noir and the other the pop art fashion. I was in the Fashion one. I really enjoyed the experience also because we had the chance to experiment other activities on the day. It was really fun and  we all had the chance to take pictures, set up lights and suggest poses.

BAIS300-Experience-1-of-3 (196 of 326)



Contemporary Media Practice – Prism

I did chose to do this subject even if it wasn’t my first choice because I knew it had some filming and editing involved so I could improve and remind how to edit videos as I used to do it and the name ‘Prism’ did catch my attention.
The brief was tScreen Shot 2017-04-26 at 17.22.32.pngo produce a 60 second video of art that celebrate
es artistic practices within a commercial framework. We had to create
something that is both visually creative and challenging but would also be suitable within a commercial model. The subject of our film had to be one of the creative disciplines that are studied here at PCA. This had to be represented through development of our own abstract perspectives. We had three weeks to do this, in the first week after a brief into of the whole subject and explanation of what it was about we were put into groups of two and had to develop our work by exploring and researching ideas, themes related to the discipline we decided to choose and style of film you plan to make.Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 17.22.41.png

We decided to go for photography and show the evolution of photography. I initially had an idea of how I wanted it to result but the final piece was not what I expected probably because the filming wasn’t good and we did not plan our storyboards right. So in this first week we planned our storyboards ready and planned everything so we would be ready to film the next week.  The second week we filmed and also created some images to add-on our video on Photoshop and after we started editing our footage on Premier Pro. In the last week we finished the editing and showed our final piece to the rest of the class.

For this project, I think my classmate and I organised ourselves well, as we only had 3 weeks, in fact we were able to finish and present everything right on the deadline. We did encounter problems when filming and also during the editing. I admit I did struggle with using Premier Pro, although teachers where there to help because I used to use Final Cut all the time so I thought it was similar but I’ve learnt that the two softwares are not as similar as I thought as many shortcuts and tools which are used are different.

Overall, though, it was a good experience and the teacher did a good job and was always available to help and explain everything to us and I did improve my Premier Pro skills.

You can find the final video on :

2016-17 > Interdisciplinary Studies > Sandra

“Laura and Sandra (Contemporary Media Practice Film)MVI_0231_1”



This was the final experience and I did choose to do this, for the same reason I chose prism as I knew it would have helped me improve my filming and editing skills. For this experience we had to make a 60 second film/video loop to form part of a large installation.

During the first week we had a brief into on why we chose to do ‘Growth’, we worked on the concept of ‘Growth’, where everyone wrote what came to their mind when they heard the word ‘Growth’ and we watched some videos to give us an idea and did a direct animation workshop, where we were given a strip of clear film or film which already contains images and we scratched it in different ways and then played it through an old film  machine. In the second week we worked with found footage, and animation examples, to complete our short 1 minute film. In my group we looked for clips on the internet and downloaded them and we used the other short scratched film and combined them together on Premier Pro to create a final video.

The third and final week  we had a critical screening of each film, and final exhibition on 9 screen video wall.


Overall, I did enjoy this project, once again my editing skills in Premier Pro has been improved as I feel more confident in using basic tools and shortcuts, I did enjoy the film scratching although I don’t think I can use this skill in my own practise.

You can find the final video on :

2016-17 > Interdisciplinary Studies > Sandra “Laura+Sandra(Growth Film).MOV ”




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