Work Experience​

In this module, we were required to do some work experience within the photographic field. I was not able to find many opportunities and work with any photographer because of my secular work which takes many our from me. I had the chance to work as an assistant photographer for a Breast Cancer event in central London, which I thought it would have been a great opportunity but I had to turn it down because of work.

Even so, I had the chance to work for few hours in studio assisting a second-year student, I also have a little activity which consists in creating flyers, invitation cards, album covers etc and I charge £25 for digital ones, that can be shared all over the internet and media. At times, some clients have asked me to have printed copies, in this case, I also charge them the amount of money which I would spend to print, so it changes as people want different amounts of copies. It all started back in Northampton years ago, when I was assisting a freelance photographer. I started taking pictures for different events and then I would create an album or slideshow of all the pictures. With time people started asking if I could create invitation cards etc, and that’s how I started, I was doing it for free initially until I started having more people contacting me, even people I did not know through my Facebook and Instagram page.

So far this year these are some of the album covers and invitations I have created.

This was an album cover for a single of this young artist who is locally known in the areas of Northampton/Coventry and Leicester. I’ve created different fliers for him this year for almost every single he releases. I always make more dummies than one final piece for my clients so they are able to choose the one they prefer.

img3 imag1.jpg

And he chose this, so I later on added all the links etc of his social media and contacts.


I also did another cover for another of his songs song.


and he preferred this one. 


I created another one for another single 


He chose this one but had to change it later on as he featured another guy into his song.finnfniiii

The invitation below was for a baby shower back in October. I first took some pictures of her in the studio, the boyfriend couldn’t come to the shoot but they still wanted pictures of them together so I had to use pictures they took themselves. 


Business launch, I had a really short time to do this and she gave me the design of how she wanted it to look like so I just tried to recreate what she designed digitally and this is the final result.


These below are the latest birthday invitations I made for my hairdresser, who’s daughter’s abroad, so she asked me to create some invitations her daughter could use for her 20th birthday. I always make more than one final piece for my clients so they are able to choose the one they prefer or like in this case, even use both the choice I send them. In this case, she liked the both of them and decided to use both.

443a187b5676d7ede2854878ad97f8a4 fc3d3fb5c912a141c80a5325dc3a4abd

I had the chance to do a product shoot, as someone asked me to shoot some t-shirts in for his clothing website, but I had to turn it down as I still don’t feel confident enough in shooting products.

I must admit that thanks to word of mouth of people I’ve worked for, I was able to build myself a range of clients within Northampton, I still need to keep in touch with them, in case they will still need me for future work, now that I have moved is hard to do shoots as I’m far away but I can still create fliers etc.. Also my two Instagram and Facebook pages have helped me to promote myself and find new clients not only from Northampton.

This is my facebook page: 



and this is my Instagram page

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 04.00.42 Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 04.01.01


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