Profesional Practice Task

Task 1

1) Why are you here?

Because I want to learn more, improve my skills and very confident technically.

2) Where do you see yourself in 3 years?

In three years I hope I will graduate and start working as an assistant fashion photographer/retoucher for a magazine.

3) Three Things about yourself

1) I love travelling.

2) My dream is to be working for an important magazine or company.

3) I’m very lazy but work hard for what I really want.

Task 2

1) Find two photographers/ Practitioners that you would like to interview and why?

  • Nick Knight. I always liked his work and I find my style similar to his.
  • Dom Moore. A freelance photographer I met him at an event. I was able to ask him few questions and thought he is an interesting person to interview and he has a lot of advice to give.

I’m sure is not going to be possible to interview nick knight but I could try and get in touch with Dom Moore.

2) Have a schedule outlined and an action plan.

When we talked he gave me his personal email, he said he usually reads the messages on that one so in case I wanted some work experience I could email him.

Task 3

1)Research into photographic genres, fashion, advertising or editorial.

Fashion photography.

2) What are the Key characteristics of the field of fashion photography? 

Fashion photography is mainly to sell clothes and express vision of the photographers, designers, art directors, makeup artists, hairstylists. Make money.

3) Find a Successful photographer in this area, how why do you think they are Successful?

Nigel Barke, he is successful thanks to his previous career in modelling. He always has new ideas, this is because he always looks for inspiration everywhere and he did not let photography technicalities stop him. He is also really flexible, he knows about fashion, film making and other

4) How can you effectively pursue and gain a career in this genre/area?

Task 4

  1. Find one good and one bad interview and discuss why? (Group Task)

An example of a bad interview my group and I saw was the one of Donald Trump on Stephen Colbert’s Late Show. It was titled “Donald Trump has nothing to apologise for”, where we all agreed that at the end he should have apologised for. The interview was really bad because of the way he expresses himself with sly comments he kept making. All the interview question where highly predictable yet he did not have sensible answers to any of them. So it looked like the interviewer and the interviewee hadn’t created a strong enough relationship before the start of the interview to feel like a natural conversation.

The good interview is an interview with Ron Corbin, the street photographer. We think this is a good example of a good interview as it was calming, we could understand what he was saying, they had a good idea of playing a nice and relaxing music in the background. He knew what he was talking about with no errors and it was easy as a viewer to follow without getting distracted. The audio was very clear too.

2) How could you improve it?

For the bad interview, I would definitely make them prepare and make sure they know what they will be talking about, give more eye contact and talk in a formal way. For the good one, I would just include the person asking the question even if it could or could not work.

3) What makes a strong interview?

  • Relevant questions according to who the person is
  • Open and interesting questions that keep the conversation going
  • Eye contact, gesture and posture.
  • Good tone of voice
  • No distraction
  • No too much noise
  • Relaxed atmosphere

Think about 5 key questions you might ask?

  1. How and why did you start having an interest in photography?
  2. What series of events lead you to this point?
  3. What is your main source of influence within your work?
  4. Have you got any photographer that inspires you or whom you admire?
  5. What is your personal project are you working on at the moment?
  6. Are you proud of what you have done so far in your career and why?

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