This module has really helped me understand in detail the photography industry from a professional side. I explored different employment opportunities within the industry and after looking at different areas of photography during the year, I noticed that compared to editorial and advertising fashion photography is the one I am enjoying more. So I researched in-depth into the fashion photography industry and this gave me an idea of where I could possibly find such a job, how much I could earn, how to get in and other information. Thanks to many visiting lectures that we had, I was able to listen to real life stories of experiences and situation they faced in this kind of industry and they also gave us so much advice. In this module, we also looked at copyright & legislations which I think are vital information for any upcoming photographer. The other part of the assignment consisted of interviewing a practitioner, looking for some work experience, create a CV and create a Linked-In page, I think this section helped me to understand how important it is to be professional and active in this industry.

I researched into the fashion photography industry because at the moment is the area which interests me more. I looked at the places where I could potentially find such a job and how much I could earn. Interestingly, I found out that compared to the United Kingdom, America has more job opportunities in this field and the salary is higher. This is all good information as I always wanted to work either in big cities like London or Birmingham or abroad, for example, in the States. As stated previously, in this module we had to find a photographer and interview him. It wasn’t easy to find one as many photographers that I asked did not reply back, so I had to ask my cousin who is in the fashion industry if she knew anyone who would kindly answer few questions I had for an interview, and she presented me to Jide, a filmmaker and also photographer who works in the media in London. So I was able to do a quick interview with him through Whatsapp. I thought Whatsapp was the quickest and easiest way to do an interview so we arranged a day and time when we were both free and I just sent the questions and he replied back immediately. I am happy with the interview, although it wasn’t really anything formal he was really polite and friendly so the conversation through text was just as a normal conversation and informal. Initially, the plan was to interview a photographer who I met at an event, but after e-mailing him few times I did not get any reply back.

Creating a creative CV was part of this module, we had a talk by the National Career and they helped us by giving us advice and tips on how to make a good CV and what should and shouldn’t be on it. I think this was really helpful as after that I was able to see the mistakes in my CV and make changes. I created a new layout for my CV which made it look more creative and less boring. Also, looking back at my old CV, I did not think about how all the jobs which I’ve written not within the photographic contest, and this isn’t good as is not going to help me find a job in this industry so I will have to add more work experiences and little other jobs which I have done related to photography and just add 1 or 2 jobs which are not related to photography.

We had to look for work experience, this was the most difficult part for me because I already struggle a lot to find time between my education and secular work. So I had to turn down few opportunities that I had. However, I was able to assist a second-year student in the studio as she was working for a client, I also did assist some mates few times. The assisting work has really helped me built my confidence whilst working in the studio. Additionally, I do have a little activity which consists in creating flyers, invitation cards, album covers etc and I also photograph different events. So far this year I haven’t photographed any event yet since I moved to Plymouth I am not able to travel in and out to Northampton as many of the contacts I have built are in that area but I was able to still create invitation cards etc. Someone suggested I should start building contacts here in Plymouth so I could start having similar opportunities here too. I really hope I will be able to find the time and motivation to build new contacts down here. I believe that by using social networks like Facebook, Instagram LinkedIn etc., I will be able to find more people.

During this module we learnt about copyright and legislation, I thought this was really helpful and made me aware of the rights that I have as a photographer and also how to protect my work. All the information we had was really essential and important to know, especially in case in future I would like to build my own business I now know much more of about these legalities. It was really interesting to look at different cases of copyright and contracts infringements, this showed how important it is to know these laws and what they can cause if not followed.

I really enjoyed listening to the visiting lectures we had during these months, they gave so much advice and tips on how this industry works. It was really good to have someone who is already in the industry who can share their honest opinions and experiences as it helped me to have a clearer understanding of how this industry works. Finally, we had to complete a PDP form and other little tasks which were focused on us and our future career. This really got me thinking about which area of the industry I am enjoying more, where I would like to be in three years from now and start planning ahead. Professional Practice has really helped me understand in-depth the practical and the theoretical part of the photography industry.


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